Farmer of the Year – 2007

A highlight of The National Agriculture and Trade Show in Belmopan is the selection of farmers of the year.

Senior farmer of the year, Wilbert Ramclam has a farm in Red Bank Village in Stann Creek and it is a place of wonder. He has everything: cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, cashew…and then some.

Wilbert Ramclam, Farmer of the Year

“I have citrus, lemons, quite a variety of all the lemons, cashew, mangos, avocado, tambran, plantains, pineapple, peppers as well, coconuts, I have quite a bit of coconut, about four acres of coconut. We also have some kinnep and passion fruit.”

“It’s the passion, I’ve always been involved in farming.”

“I uses the chicken manure from the chicken, I uses also the stuff from the pigs and I adapt that into the plantains and citrus. I always use that on the pineapple, the vegetable, and pepper.”


And passion is just what he brings to farming.

And now this lifetime farmer, with a Master’s in agriculture from a British University is making his name as a trailblazer in what’s called integrated or organic farming.

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