BEL-AGRO Agriculture is a group of passionate people devoted to promoting effective agricultural products for the benefit of farmers.  Our company consists of highly trained agronomists with professional technical skills to guide farmers from preparation to harvest.

Know the Soil

Our agronomists work directly with farmers, taking the time to get to know them, the soil, and farm’s history and goals for the upcoming season.

We prefer to start with soil samples, because each farm is unique. The difference in soils between farms and fields means different inputs are needed for optimum performance. A fertilizer blend that works for one field may not be right for another field. What we put on the soil should be determined by what’s already in the soil — that’s why the most thoughtful, informed input decisions start with a soil test.

At BEL-AGRO, we conduct comprehensive soil analyses to identify yield-limiting factors in the fields. These are the soil conditions that stop a plant from producing yields that match its genetic potential. A deficiency in just one trace mineral can have this effect. We use unique models, based on more than 30 years’ of data and experience, to set recommended nutrient levels.

Many growers have already done soil tests or feel comfortable with their own assessment of their lands. In those cases, we have regional blends designed for specific crops, and we can skip the testing stage.

Tillage Practices

When working with producers, we rely on practices that support soil life. Too much tillage can do real damage to soil structure. No tillage, in some cases, can lead to compaction. As a result, we tend to favor prescriptive tillage to match individual field needs.


We look at individual growing seasons in the context of a long-term plan to build both annual farm profitability and long-term soil health. With this in mind, we often work with growers to introduce diverse rotations into their planting schedules. In some cases, we work with them to find buyers for their crops.

Animal Nutrition

We’re conscious of top-line production and bottom-line costs. As a result, we consider animal nutrition from the ground up. We take a systems-approach to herd management to help producers grow better quality, higher-yielding forages that reduce dependency on supplemental feeds and minerals. These more digestible nutrients maximize a ruminant animal’s health and support its immune system.

But even with high-quality forages, livestock still need supplemental nutrition. Our nutrition specialists work with producers to ensure that feeding programs are balanced and complete. We offer a full line of livestock mineral and nutrition products to help meet a herd’s needs. Healthy livestock are productive livestock. Working with our nutrition specialists, we help maximize return on feed inputs and increase production across the operation.