Glifosato Aleman 35.6 SL

Available in:

500 ml

1, 3.5, 20 and 200 liters



Systemic, not selective, postemergent.  Control grasses, broad-leaves and some cyperaceas.  Don’t leave residues in the soil as it is inactivated when it becomes in contact with it.  Can plant immediately after the product has been actuated.  It has no effect on weed seed control.  It can be applied on crops implanted, avoiding contact with the green parts of plants.

Crops:  avocado, banana, cocoa, citrus, coconut, mango, rice, sugar cane, corn, potato, sorghum, soybean.

Dose:  Perennial crops from 0.4 to 1.2 l/acre in 40-160 liters of water.


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