Belize National Citrus Conference

The 105 year old citrus industry had its first-ever national citrus conference held on 18 April 2018 at the host Belagro’s Belmopan warehouse of the Big Creek Group of Companies. Belagro’s Manager Wilbert Ramclam moderated the very successful event. The forum was attended by 100 or so participants, that included citrus growers, GOB officials, representatives of the processing company, and …

Industrial/Commercial Exp 2018

The Industrial and Commercial Expo was organized by the Business Chamber of Spanish Lookout and the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry in an effort to bring awareness to the many developments in the automotive, construction and food industries in what can be considered Belize’s Industrial Hub. It also serves to rightfully boost revenues for the many invaluable businesses serving …

Sugar Cane Symposium – Orange Walk

Belagro coordinated a field day in Orange Walk with the sponsorship of BASF and Disagro.  Invitees included sugar cane farmers in the area and BSI (Belize Sugar Industry), whose location was used for lecture. Presentations about improved sugar cane farming was done along with a field demonstration.

Field Day – Cool Shade

Belagro coordinated a field day in Cool Shade – Barton Creek, Cayo District – with the sponsorship of BASF. Invitees were citrus farmers of the west.  This included CPBL (Citrus Products of Belize Ltd.) whose citrus farm was used for a trial for the fungicide Regnum 25EC. The results were discussed along with the technicality of the fungicide such as …